Npc creator. #11 server on gametracker

Hello guys im the owner of #11 on gametracker server. Aka the dark edge. We used to be called urban gamers but the community split. The owner of the second server stole the org system and I had a copy but I can’t code. I paid for this but he never added this for my server that is mine. All I need is an npc that you go up to and then that org system pops up. Can anyone do it

If you have the code for the menu its simple. If not, I’m not all that good with menus.

I do have code for menu

PM me on steam or FP. I can help you out.

You’re an absolute FOOL.
I personally paid Jackool for his code, for MY server. You stole the code FROM ME.
I cannot believe you aren’t even able to make yourself an npc that opens a derma menu… Seriously?

Btw, I don’t really know why you include the fact you’re #11 on GameTracker, you were number 7 when Kropp owned the server.
You bought the server for $800 and turned it to shit, congratulations!

This man is a liar i quit the community because he was a horrid owner! he is an absolute cunt!

How about you two shut the fuck up and act like gentlemen on this forum.

Wish it was possible. I’d still reccoment it tho. And if someone would want to help him it would be great.

Says the person that I sold an npc car seller to with a config file and you couldn’t figure it out how to set the NPC’s spawn point on new maps after me explaining in detail several times and giving you a readme and examples, then charge backing me on paypal? If you can’t use getpos in console and paste it into a config file what can you do?

Fuck sake, please argue somewhere else? This guy is asking for help, would be way better helping him and then leaving?