Npc Death Help

Recently I’ve been having a problem in garrysmod were when I kill an npc, it would do something I call going blank. Going blank means it will no-clip (and no, this isn’t no collided with the tool, everything I say happens right when I kill an npc. Without using tools or even weapons or anything on the npc.) and I can’t lift it with the phiz gun. It also won’t make blood if you shoot it, and worst of all, I can’t remove it! Pressing Z (or whatever your undo key is.), using the remover tool, E.T.C. So does anyone know whats going on?

is keep corpses checked?

in ‘npc’ tab.

Negative. Keep corpses is not checked.

BananaFoam, this is normal.

What do you mean by normal? Will it go away?

Normal means that it isn’t a problem.

The corpses aren’t ‘props’ when keep corpses isn’t checked; They’re little aesthetic effects used in combat to keep the game running smooth.
Check keep corpses to make them collide with shit, bleed, do anal, pickup-able, removable.

Okay, thanks

Oh yeah, and this was happening even with it checked, but it went away when I re-installed gmod.