NPC Death Physics

Alright so, i know it’s barely a problem worth mentioning but i couldn’t help but realize after the 87th or 88th update that was just recently released I noticed when I spawn and kill NPC’s now their death animation has barely any knockback, they sort of just flop down like a broken model. For example setting off an explosion near an NPC used to launch the ragdoll a fair distance instead it just drops them in a rather boring fashion. I was wondering if one of the patches perhaps Update 87’s “fixed flying ragdolls” might have broken the death physics for all NPC’s. I tried removing all my addons and mods with a fresh install of Garry’s Mod but still got the same effect from all NPC’s

If there’s anything that can be done to fix this or unfix what a previous update might have done please let me know


Well you could search for an add-on that enchances/changes death/ragdoll physics.You could also try downloading the time control add-on since it also has a gravity and force control option.