NPC doesnt show in spawn menu!

Hey, my npc doesnt exist in spawn menu, help me!


local Category = "MyCategory",
local NPC = {   Name = "NPCName",

                Class = "npc_combine_s",
                                Model ="models/combinesoldier.mdl",   << I know, model is wrong but its only for example!!!!
                                Squadname = "combine",
                                Numgrenades = "13",
                                Health = "100",
                                Category = Category }

list.Set( "NPC", "npc_newsoldier", NPC )
//Code generated by Gmod NPC Creator Beta by JakusPL

Where do you put it?



In that case you are missing AddCSLuaFile().

Download this program and check is that works.

Lol what?

Yes i place it there but i dont understand.
I dont know why its reported but it’s virus free, i scanned it with Avast!

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Post the source.

It says that because the archive contains an .exe. Why do you even bother with the .exe?

I see you dont understand. I dont want to pair my code Generator with autorun file. My program auto generate this file but this file isnt working. When I put it (autorun.lua) to my addon folder/lua/autorun
the npc doesn’t show in the spawn menu but theres no any error on the console. (Sorry for bad english)