NPC drop pods

You know what would be cool? An ODST-like NPC drop pod.

Kind of like the headcrab canister tool thing that you shoot at the ground and choose how many headcrabs come out of it etc. Maybe you can make it for an NPC or groups of NPC’s by way of a drop ship or a drop pod or something that comes flying from the sky and hits the ground and NPC’s just jump out and start firing or something.

If someone made this, it would be awesome.

We have a ODST model, but we would need drop pod models, also we have plenty of drop ship models, from many games.

Here is a link to a picture that shows how the drop pod looks like but all u need now is a modeler

Or we could use the 40k drop pod from the wh40k model pack.

nah the odst looks cooler i think :smiley:

If anyone can make this, it will be MUCH appreciated.

I vote you make things simpler - use the HL2 dropship and have the container hold whatever NPC you want :stuck_out_tongue:

Halo 3 ODST is coming ot soon…
You could use the ODST’s perpective to make one that works for players too…

now when halo 3 odst is out what do u think about making an drop pod now^?