NPC Dropship Transportation STOOL

Okay, I’m looking for a tool that allows to do click somewhere, and move the cursor and it will make a circle as big as you want. Here’s how I’m thinking of it:

~You left click somewhere and hold it down
~You can move the cursor outward or inward to make a circle get bigger or smaller
~The circle can be as big as you want but it can only select 6 NPCs
~Right click when you got the circle to confirm it
~Then a dropship comes down, lands, and picks up the selected 6 or fewer npcs
~Then the dropship just sits there until you give it another location
~You go somewhere and left click where you want the npcs to be dropped off
~The dropship will goto the selected location and the npcs will get off

So is this possible? If it’s already been done, link please. And if this hasn’t been done, sakaris could probably do this if it’s possible. Thanks for reading. And sorry if this has already been requested.

This would be insanely awesome, but probably not possible as the dropship animations are scripted events that can’t account for variables like how many NPC’s it picks up or where. It needs to be pre scripted in a specific area of the map.

It would be awesome if I was wrong though.