NPC Drug Dealer

A drug dealer that

Sells you Weed


Buys Weed from you

Contact me:

Username: Halo2mods


-_- search for DerpRP Buyers

I have used that and it sucks. It dosnt work and you cant buy weed from it.

can you code? <<<learn to code, and modify derprp buyers as your first “project”

Ugh, you make me wanna fire my laser

um why would i learn to code? I asked over here if somone can do it for me thats why theres a “Requests” Category derp.

becareful he might fire his laser :ohdear:






When you


have proper

itendation and random new lines.

Also, seeing as you already suggested about 5 things for your BananaRP, Start learning Lua yourself, we won’t keep providing everything for you so you can run off with it and implement it in your DarpRP (If you even can do that)

seeing as your planning on modifing this gamemode quite alot, i would recommend learning lua. or hire a coder

When someone codes for you they have to use proper syntax or the program wont work. Is it that hard for you to use proper syntax of the English language? We have to but why can’t you.

We do we have to code for you? Why can’t you do it yourself?

Thank you for participating in this Grammar Nazi excercise.


They buy stuff from you, you don’t buy stuff from them. Read the description.