NPC Entity

Hey, i’ve got an issue with an NPC entity.
I want that when some one presses E on the NPC it opens up a menu, something like this
[lua]function ENT:Use(activator,caller)
<menu opens up>

but I seem to have problems creating the entity itself, the tutorial on thing is outdated and i get a salad of errors.
If anyone has a tutorial, or can explain here, i’d be grateful.

(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title again" - Gran PC))

You probably are getting errors about VGUI.
The thing is, VGUIs are clientside only and Use hook is serverside.
You gotta create some networking, either use a concommand or net library.

Read again. I said i was having problems creating the entity. The derma is not a problem (yet)

Show us the code for the entity initialisation than.