NPC first-person control

Basically, select an NPC and it puts a camera on their head, where you control where it moves (the head AND the NPC). So no more buggy NPC Camera with no way to control their head or firing. A little bit like this except a little more easier:

I agree with OP, but It should have a menu with NPC animations from the addons made by tjoffe.

No one wants to do this? I guess nobody likes first person videos.

It’s only been 8 hours since the original post. You obviously don’t have that much patience. I would also like to see this made, though.

yeah, i agree. this is a great idea for some first-person machinimas!! its just that probably no one in this thread can code LUA

I agree with you, good sir.

Still not made? damnit.

For fuck sake, it’s not like it’s going any faster with you whining about it.

Stop bumping it…no-one likes a pest.

The only problem is the lua, it might be good to have thirdperson too, but i’m fine with first-person for the NPC

I like, but it’s better to use ragdolls. It’s more creative and more challenging. And it has better result than buggy NPC animations.

I like the sound of this but wouldn’t it be better if it was thirdperson becuase in first person it would just look like you are controlling your player. Or you could give it a cool looking hud for firstperson. Like a robot like hud for the combine and redy green for zombies.

Doesent the possesor work with uhm, NPC’s?

this is somthing i wouldent mind being made it could be spark for more first person projects and such…

No need to bump last post was 2 days ago :confused:

I do agree thoe I hope somone makes this.