NPC, Follow me!

I’ve been looking around, but I can’t find a straight awnser anywhere, so I’ll just ask it: In Gmod, I can’t get allied NPC’s to follow me around. I don’t have “disable AI” or “Ignore player” checked, and I do have “Alow join player squad” checked, and as far as I understand, that should make resistance-type NPC’s follow me around. I heard somewhere that the feature was broken by an update, is that true? And is it going to get fixed at some point? I don’t have any knowlege on lua, so this is realy important to my experience. Please, somebody tell me, is this a bug or am I just stupid?!

Depends if the map has AI nodes or not, sometimes NPC’s will move without AI nodes and sometimes they will just stand still.

I’ve tried it in flatgrass, bigcity and Lair, always with the same result: nothing.

So, nobody is going to help me with this?

Wouldn’t it depend whether they are in your group or not as an NPC?

manual method is npc_select, then npc_go