NPC footsteps are gone


I made an older thread stating that Combine footsteps were gone, least to say that thread went dead and I noticed another issue.

Footsteps for normal NPCs (not aliens, those work fine.) are gone. I noticed this after playing the original hl2 for a good long time, came on Garry’s mod for some fun and realised the footsteps I was used to hearing were gone - completely.

Now normal NPC sounds work, i.e: shooting the gun, death sounds, rebel sounds when they move out of your way. Those work perfectly.
What isn’t working is simply the footsteps. So when an npc walks or run, no sound comes from their feet; ruins the fun in my opinion.

I’m off now, and HOPEFULLY someone helps, since I’ve posted everywhere AND looked everywhere for the solution.

Now before I go, I’ll list the things I’ve tried:

  • Reinstalling (I did so about 5+ times)
  • Verifying the cache.
  • Extracting the .vpks from GMOD, placing those files within it, and then adding Hl2 sounds.
  • Adding scripts from Hl2 (with the aforementioned.)
  • Making a small addon with the sounds/scripts.

It’s strange how all the HL2 sounds work, apart from the footsteps; must be an error within the engine or a script? Maybe.

Well, hopefully some one will help.

  • Victor