NPC Footsteps not in gmod?

Hey everyone, I’ve played gmod for some time now and I’ve always been bugged by the fact that none of the npcs seem to have foot step sounds. I’m not sure what causes this, it may even be intentional but I’ve already tried playing with scripts or copying them over from Half-life 2 to no avail. Does anyone know a way to activate the foot steps or even add them to the npcs again? Battles just aren’t the same without the feetsteps, everything just seems so quiet. Cheers

You could create an addon for that, download all NPC sounds, includes them into your Game (most complicated part) then hook when NPCs are moving get material on which they’re standing up, then play a sound NPC:EmitSound.

However to hook when NPC are moving you’ll need a c++ DLL : No hooks are available to detect when NPC is moving.

Hmm, that could possibly work. I’ll try to mess around with hooks to try and get a result, thank you. I wonder why they were removed in the first place to start with?