NPC ground turret

i was brousing through the brouse menue and spoted the combine turrets area it had the flore turret,
ciling turret and ground turret, it looks interesting and looks like it belongs on a combine wall and it sparked a curiosity as to how much fun i could have with it but alas noone has made a npc for it.

anyone willing to take the chalange??

twitch Grammar… twitch Spelling… :smithicide:

i thought u were playing borderlands . . .

there is npc floor turret and ceiling turret the ground turret looks kick ass and its not an npc . . . . .

i don’t get it? u want a turret thats not a NPC? if so check in the, ill bet u will find some. and dude work on u’r English…

ok i suck at spelling but thats not the point …
the ground turret is NOT an npc but i want it to be noone has done it yet . . . or is this the wrong section???

uh yes someone did. u want a hl2 turret? cause there is a cool portal turret.


friendly hl2 turret:

u might need ep2 for it^

He said GROUND. not FLOOR.

He means a “Bunker Turret”;

dude floor and ground is the fucking same thing. um and about that i dont rly get it if u want let this dude make it for u i got no clue O_O

Hypocrite! :smithicide:

YESSS THATS IT sorry if it’s a bunker turret it has it labled as a “ground” turret in the brouse section
and to clarafy i want this made into a npc as i cant find it