NPC Groups

So… the last version was a bit more popular than I expected, and I refuse to join Disqus, so I figured it was about time I made a thread about this to get and respond to feedback. :v:

This addon allows you to spawn groups of NPCs from the NPC tab, under the category “Groups”. If you find youself spamming the “Combine Soldier” button or “Citizen” or whatever, this may make it easier on you.

Yadda yadda yadda. So what’s new in V.4?

NO EP2? NO PROBLEM! NPC Groups now checks your models and replaces EP2 specific characters ONLY IF YOU DON’T HAVE EP2! You no longer have to deal with errors if you don’t want to burn your money for GMod content! Those who do have the content can still use the EP2 characters in groups.
6 new NPC groups, including 2 very special groups. (see below)
Cleaned up code a bit. (Won’t affect you…)
More console commands to make NPC Groups function the way you like it to.

  • npcg_weapondrop is back!
  • npcg_random_rebels - Turning this off allows you to save computer power by using the preset rebel faces.
  • npcg_combine_perfect_accuracy makes the Combine groups a whole lot deadlier.

And… custom model groups!
I figured that people who want to lay down a lot of NPC have a good number of custom NPC models on their hard drives. Maybe they’re bored, shooting the same faceless grunts over and over again. Why not let them lay down groups of battle droids, or custom COD NPCs, or Halo ODSTs?
This release contains two special groups: the Custom Combine Group and the Custom Rebels Group. They take on a model that you specify in the console.

  • npcg_custom_model_combine sets the Combine group’s model.
  • npcg_custom_model_rebel sets the rebel group’s model.
    Now you can have hordes of terrorists fighting hordes of space pirates, with a few clicks!
    Note that if you specify a nonexistent model, NPC Groups will tell you so, and refuse to spawn the group. Set the correct console variable to something that exists, please.

Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions for this release.

Additional notes:
The Zombine group will still spawn if you don’t have EP1. I trust that you know to not spawn a entire group fulla errors.
The custom groups can use any model, so long as it exists. I had some fun will the dreaded Barrel rebels (barrebels?), though you may not find them the most lively soldiers. For best results, use models that actually have the proper animations.