NPC Gun Spawnlist

Where can I find guns such as CS:S Guns and possible a pack of others that work for NPC’s, and appear in the Selection for spawning NPC’s?

I would be grateful if anyone could help.

Also, I would love to find how to not render my weapons when I equip them. It’s ideal for Making videos so I don’t have to quickly switch to Camera after making an action.

As of now, I thing only HL2 weapons work with NPCs.

Dan’s NPC pack adds some NPC weapons and you can download more packs like the Css npc weapons

Alright, thanks guys. I heard about Dan’s pack and I also heard the CSS Pack was seriously glitchy.

I have never had problems with Dan’s pack, and it comes with a shitload of guns, so do what you want to, but keep my suggestions in mind