NPC Help Need

Hey im finaly find out how to make NPC but i cant make them in console only under (Q) Spawnlist ?

one more question how can i do so my NPC´s are saying someting ? have a name or do something ?

In the spawnlist search the npc you want e.g. Barney and you can make them talk, I knew you could on the old Gmod 12, haven’t tried it on 13, but if you look at the npc you want to talk, open your console and do: npc_speakall that should make them say their lines from HL2

but i need to spawn them in the console

If recalling right, maybe the sv_cheats is to be turned on. Try sv_cheats 1 and then spawning them, if you have not already.

By the way, npc_speakall does not work in GMod when I tried. There’s an addon on workshop called NPC Scene that you may want to try.