NPC help

My friend has hexed some snow antlion models and I’m trying to make an npc with them, so that you can have regular antlions and these snow antlions out at the same time.

local Category = "Other Antlions"

local NPC = { 	Name = "Snow Antlion", 
				Class = "npc_antlion",
				Model = "models/snwlion.mdl"
				Category = Category	}

list.Set( "NPC", "npc_snwlion", NPC )

I’m placing this in the lua/autorun in an addon folder for the npcs. The add-on works because i can spawn the ragdolls, but the npcs aren’t working.

Help please

Come on people, help him out.

You forgot a comma. Next time post the errors you’re getting to get help faster. Don’t tell me there were none because this code was generating one.

Where is the comma supposed to be.

EDIT: Nevermind found it

EDIT2: Wait the model doesn’t work. It’s supposed to be the hexed Snow Antlions but it’s the regular coast Antlions. I’m not sure if I fixed it just yet but possibly.

EDIT3: No I didn’t fix it.

I would of posted errors right away, but they would be hidden in all the pcmod errors I’m getting.

Which is a stupid excuse…

found an error after getting rid of pcmod

“addons\snow antlions\lua\autorun
pc_snowantlions.lua:6: ‘}’ expected (to close ‘{’ at line 3) near ‘Model’”

Auto merge fail

Sounds like another missing comma/brackets problem. You should try viewing your code in Notepad++ with lua syntax highlighting to find these errors straight away.