Npc Interaction and the Autogun "Fix".

Hello there.

First let me start that I hesitate when asking for help, unfortunately I have deducted this is outside of my scope of technical knowledge. I didn’t joined facepunch before as I heard pretty negative rumors when gmod 13 came out. But this is not really a personal accounting of why or what me has to do with the facepunch community.

So let’s get straight to my problem:

About 1-2 updates ago, I’ve been experiencing some weird npc interaction, basically if you are to shoot any npc with any gun (from a normal pistol round to a rpg round), the targeted npc will produce some unexplained feedback by rotating it’s axis 360 degrees. This comes unnatural to what a source engine game is meant to do, not to mention what me as a player is to witness with this abnormal behavior. To summarize what i Mean, is that when any npc I shoot (use a damage source) will cause that same npc to “Twitch”. Then we have the the casual abuse of just killing a npc_hunter with a crowbar because of this “twitch” problem that every npc has. An other example is if I’m to shoot a dynamic prop npc(turrets or manhacks), it has a chance to reposition the npc in a different facing effecting this “twitch” problem(I’m in position to record this if my problem didn’t get through). Before moving to the other problem let me just add that I have abysmal amount of addons that override npc behavior, now I’m not using any addon bases (like vj’s base). As most of the addons I have just copypaste the same unit with different skins and hexes. And as far I concluded, even completely stripped out of all my addons(I do have like 40 pages of addons), the npc twitching is not “fixed”.

P.S: I’d think this only happens to me as I never seen any topics or threads in facepunch or the steam discussion boards so it’s something from my side. But then again, after so many arrangements and combinations, I end up with the same problem.

Let me prolong the thread onto my other problem:

A month ago, in the september update the autogun was “fixed”. Mainly the tracers and the functionality according to the changelog. And with that an addon came about making a sent for the autogun. Furthermore, I thought of using the autogun sent in the stock autogun map (junkyard map from ep2). And to my expectancy script errors did occur. I thought after removing the sent addon, the script errors will stop and they did. But then something else happened. The tracers disappear. The particle beam when the autogun fires as called “tracer” didn’t generate from the vanilla autogun. The sound and the damage did, but the tracer was completely gone.

Now to my disadvantage and coincidence I removed few addons that transferred some hl2/ep2 mods in gmod with the files overwriting most of the game code so they could work in gmod. And this happened in the same time that my autogun was correctly working(emitting the tracer particle). And because I removed those addons, the files that overwritten the game code were probably not reverted as I thought a verification of game integrity could fix. So to summarize what I think is that those addons who had source mods compatibility fixes, broke the autogun after removal. Then I have another theory that the creator of the sent did say he removed the ep2 game files that made the autogun work with just hl2 installed, but I do own hl2ep2 and i’m clueless to what is going on here.

I have contacted the creator(of the sent autogun) about the tracer particles, however this seems to only happen to me as he can’t replicate the problem.

P.S: if previous threads were posted about my 2 problems, I would appreciate if I can get linked to them in this thread.

P.S.S: I will make a short video demonstrating the problems I have if it helps any of you understand :smiley:

So basically, you fucked up your GMod with addons and now can’t figure out how to fix it?

Alright here’s what to do:

Delete your models, download, downloads, materials, sound, resources, and scripts folders from your Garry’s Mod fodler. ( Or move them to another folder on desktop or something )

Then validate your game.

Try again. If it is not fixed, do following:

  1. Rename your addons folder to addons2

  2. Try again. If still not fixed, uninstall ALL workshop addons

  3. If still not fixed, rename the entire gmod folder to something and verify.

Thanks RobotBoy, I will try your fixes and edit this message afterwards.

Don’t edit it, just post a new message whenever you are done so I get notified when you have posted/are done.

Put all the files as aforementioned in other places outside the gmod folder. Autogun still not emitting tracer particles. Npc twitching was fixed

  1. Renamed the folder to addons2, verified integrity, launched the game. Autogun still not emitting tracer particles

  2. Uninstalled all addons(Unsubscribing and Removing the addon filles), verified integrity, autogun still not emitting tracer particles

  3. Renamed garrymod folder into garrymod2, verified integrity, Autogun still not emitting tracer particles and now the sounds for the autogun were gone too.

4? Reinstall game?

By autogun you mean the one in the HL2:Ep2 map, not a custom one or anything? I believe that one currently may require a Lua fix that loads the .pcf particles.

The sounds should be working on the map if in Vanilla, unless you changed something in your files.
( The scripts/ folder inside the .vpks, so extracted scripts/ folder will cause problems )

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Yeah, just tested it, you must do some manual stuff for the shooting effect to appear.

Basically, this addon has the autogun sent. And he had the ep2 bundle within the addon so people didn’t need ep2 to be mounted in order to run it.

Now on one occasion, I thought to use the Autogun sent in the vanilla ep2 map where the junkyard autogun was. As I said in my first post I knew that script errors would occur, but both the sent and autogun worked correctly(particles and sounds working). After the author removed the ep2 bundle within the addon(addon required ep2 be mounted from that point), the addon didn’t gave me the tracer particle anymore on the sent and vanilla autogun. Apparently this happened only to me, so I thought the particle was working properly for everybody else.
[Maybe it wasn’t because of the ep2 bundle removal, but the mod compatibility addons that I removed:


AT THIS POINT, I’m just ranting why the tracer disappeared as everything took place in a coincidental development and I didn’t obviously noticed of which and what addons “FIXED” the particle.

Knowingly that you confirmed that in non-addon hindered game, the autogun’s tracer particle is not displaying makes me think that the addon actually “unintentionally” fixed the vanilla autogun and the sent to display and make the sounds work. Anyway the sounds worked to a point before I removed every addon from the game, after that they didn’t. So anyway I’ll be reinstalling my game at sooner time but this is not a client issue that the tracer particle doesn’t appear. Thanks for clearing that out for me.

Now onto the npc twitching. Apparently this happens at random while starting the game, as it’s also unaffiliated with any addons. At some point in starting gmod the game will produce this strange npc behavior, whilst sometimes everything works properly. I did test out by doing some engine client-run scripts. But I haven’t pinpointed the exact problem what is causing this random npc twitching. I might record it at some point so you can simulate it and try to fix it.

P.S: I never touched the vpk’s at any point of time on this computer, the only time I kind of did anything with them was when I was extracting the hl2 soundtrack, but I didn’t change anything in them.

Is the combine hopper mine broken?

It doesn’t seem to trigger when a hostile player approaches it.