NPC Interaction with props

While playing single player I stumbled across a slight problem. I made a personnel carrier from a train, and when I loaded it up with NPCs and took off, imagine my suprise when they all fell out! Now, I can move around inside of it just fine while it’s moving, but they can’t seem to keep their footing. I tried this again with a cargo hold from the default props and a few wheels and encountered the same problem. Anyway, to my question:

Is there any way to prevent this and transport npcs in prop vehicles, or am I restricted to transporting other players in my contraptions? Also, if anyone knows of any other strange restrictions on the NPCs, please don’t hesitate to give me a heads up about them. Thanks!



Try parenting the NPC’s to the func_train or whatever is moving(their standing on). It might not work the first time, but keep fiddling about with it.

It happens with all moving props; NPCs simply can’t stand on them. I don’t know of a way to fix this either.

Ah thanks, no storming an Island for me