NPC Invasion

Hello, I have been playing Gmod for a little while now, not doing anything to serious, you know, just making huge battles, downloading new NPC’s for the battle, etc…

But recently I downloaded a few maps that have awsome buildings and bases and wanted to know if there was an addon or command to make a large number of units attack a specific location (example: i set up a bunch of rebels on a platform across a bridge, can i make a squad or small army of combine attack that location?)

I have tried little addons like NPCmove but it never works, and when it does work and has a very limited range and only send half of the selected units…

So if anyone knows anything about how to do this, please let me know i would be very appreciative.

The Half-Life Renaissance: Reconstructed mod has some tools that could help, like patrol paths.

Hmm, Thank you for the response, does anyone know where i can get this pack, The only one i find on is half-life renaissance v1.2 but not title reconstructed