NPC Is invisible.

So, i am working on a NPC pack (dont know if ill release it or keep it just for myself but i think ill just keep it formyself) and it actually works, but i got the problem that when i spawn it, all i see is a shadow of a VERY slim, nearly skeleton like human that just stands there and does nothing.
Here is my code:

local Category = “Kuma War Vietnam NPCS”

local NPC = { Name = “U.S. Marine”,
Class = “npc_citizen”,
Model = “models/vietnam_us_marine”,
Health = “100”,
KeyValues = { citizentype = 4 },
Category = Category}

list.Set( “NPC”,“npc_vietnam_marine”, NPC )

BTW, i heard that Citizentype 4 the only working type is. Is that right?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: How do i create a picture/preview in the spawnlist?



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