NPC kill then crash?

Well, for some reason, everytime I play singleplayer, everything seems to work fine, except the NPC’s. When I shoot an NPC, my game will hang, looping the sounds, then crash with a hl2.exe has stopped working error. Also when I try to join multiplayer, i’ll get the same error. I’m running Vista Busness 32 bit and I have all my drivers updated. Edit I also tried -dxlevel 70, 80 and 81. Nothing worked.

Yeah ur using an addon, if u use normal CSS Guns it shouldnt happen. It happens to me when I use the Kermite addons, It doesnt crash though just hangs for about a minuite then comes back on.

Yea, I deleted my Gmod folder, and got rid off all the addons, and still the game crashes, it also crashes with the CS:S weapons still.