NPC Lightsabers?

Anywhere I look on the internet, I just can’t find any Lightsaber weapons for NPC’s on GMod. I’ve googled it, searched, but only found player Lightsabers. Does anyone know of any NPC Lightsabers?

I don’t think any of the NPCs have animations that allow for melee weapons such as crowbars, lightsabers, swords, or any other junk.

So what are stunsticks?
On topic: Don’t know.

Citizens and Metrocops have the animations. So it wouldn’t be impossible.

They don’t have fancy-shmancy dueling animations, they only have a sort of full-body swing with the crowbar/stunstick.

What are you talking about, I accessed some secret source animation files, and apparently Kleiner is a real pro with a sword.