NPC - make it look at something

Im trying to make a map where a npc have to look at something, because it well, stares blankly at the wall. I know about scripted sequences and other things, but cant seem to find any information about how to make it look somewhere.

Oh an other question, how to make the npc gesture while talking, in hammer.

Thanks in advance

  • CP_Unit2

This article seems to cover what you’re looking for:

I think a info_node with hint type set to “world visually interesting” might work.

Thank you but im looking about making it into hammer.

Have tried it - no result

I have not done it myself. Just saw it some time. I think there is more to it than just placing it down. I will investigate and tell you what I found out

did you try setting maximum state to “combat” ?

Yes, i saw there are target entities for looking, but i dont know how to make the npc look at them.