Npc maker needed for apocalyptic machinima

As it says within the title I need a few (Meaning alot) of custom skins but alas I am lacking a modeler to make them. So I have decided to ask the people of face punch (Prefrebly the modelers) to assist me. :slight_smile:
Basically what I would like is.

A. Reskin of metro cop elite, I would like him to have a oxygen tank on his back. With pipes that lead to the helmet. (This be the guy

B. Drop ship. Not a half life 2 one though, prefrably the attack heli from hl2 but with a containment area for the passengers.

C. Reskin for the Tactical rebels, Bright grey blue camo, symbol on the shoulder of a skull with the roman numeral for the number two.

D. A alien over lord, Now with this I’m really not sure what I would like, I can imagine glados mixed with a giant squid or somthing. (sorry for it being vauge but…)

E. A skin for our main hero. Rebel Male 5 with a trench coat but with some body armour underneath it.

F. A reskin for the nightmare house girl. Easy one just stick her in refugee clothes.

B. Reskin for the side kick. The asian male in hl2 with biker aparal.

And thats it thanks for reading and if you decied to make one a extra thank you. :smiley:

Your descriptions are awfully vague. Might want to give more details, “reskin of model x” doesn’t give the texture artists any clues on what you want.

Nobody interested? Not even slightly?

Did you read what PLing said?

Yes and therfore I edited it to be more descriptive. :L


Well this thread died before it even got going.