Hello,if you are a npc maker/creator.Or if you can help in anyway with npcs.Please friend inbite me on steam (bravow whiskey 55),or search BML Gaming and join it and we would be with you shortly.

Why would you post this in the Models and Skins section?

Im sorrry Im new and dont know where to post it.Where do I?

In the LUA scripting section question sub-forum.

Ok thanks

PLEASE LEAVE, this was the worst mistake anyone could ever make, and it was obvious you weren’t supposed to post here.

Just my 2 cents.

Well you’re 2 cents are just a tad bit unnecessary. There’s no point in eating him alive for posting in the wrong section when he doesn’t even have 5 posts.

Bravo, take a a little bit to look around before you post and make sure your putting your threads where they are allowed to be. Helps you not get thrown into the Garry’s Pit of Doom and to have a good time on Facepunch.