NPC march tool

Recently I came up with an idea for a video containing some NPC’s marching.

It works like any NPC waypoint tool. Put down the waypoints, select your NPC’s, and send them off on the waypoints.

But what if I had a song where I want a video of a marching band of NPC’s fitting with the song?

That’s were the March tool comes in.

The features that come with it should be:

-Place waypoints down (mouse 1)
-Place waypoints down (in a line matter, so no wrong out-of-line waypoints) (mouse 2 enables/disables)

-March formation (square, rectangular, triangular, circular?)
-March type (walk/run)
-March group (Select ‘Group 1’, and when you press the ‘1’ key on your numpad, the march starts.

-March timer (select available group or groups, and after you set the timer, say 2 seconds, I press ‘1’ and they start marching after two seconds. Later on if I’ve selected another group, after two seconds they automatically march as well. This way we have a perfect line of march)

-Select NPC(s) (mouse 1)
-Move NPC(s) (mouse 2)

This would make for some interesting maps based around this tool in the future, and random videos.

MAYBE this can work for props. If I made a bunch of combine march I’d probably want an APC prop to follow the waypoints as well. So from a list of available vehicles or by selecting a prop you can make it follow them too.

Please, oh please do this! This is an original idea and would make for some nice machinimas.

I could have a group of Elites marching down Bigcity’s streets shooting rebels here and there whilst they’re marching, but they shouldn’t stop. Once they go, they go, nothing stops them but the “Stop group:” (dropdown menu here showing available groups)

(It’s always nice to point out flaws or give your opinions on everybodys requests…makes them happier knowing someones considered it :v:)

There is something out, but not exactly like this
Once again, it’s not exactly what you want, but pretty close.

If you’re referring to the link, then correct me please.

i believe thats the one


Sorry I couldn’t help

Aaaaalrighty then :frown: