NPC menu corrupted?

Hi all,
I did several searches for this and found nothing. Here goes:
I noticed last night that in the NPC menu the Metro Police and Walter Breen icons are listed in the Humans + Resistance category while Father Gregori is listed in animals. I did a gmod cleanup as a test but the icons are still listed this way. Is this a normal Gmod bug or has something been changed by an addon?
Is there a fix?
Thanks in advance.

That is normal.

I’m relieved.

I always wondered why Father Grig was in Animals.


Maybe he’s a werewolf…

Ive wondered about that too, the only reason i can come up with is that he is insane.

Garry did that as a joke. The same when you pick up a combine ball it says “Combine’s Balls”.

Wallace Breen is a human. :downs:

As are the metro police, as they haven’t undergone the combine surgery. Hence Barney.