NPC Moods

For those of you that have played Half Life 2, you will notice that on the very first level in the game the combine do not attempt to run after you and beat you to death with their baton as they would do in GMod; But instead only start to get ‘angry’ if you stand in close proximity to them or throw cans at them.

So I was wondering, not as a request, but just as a question weather it would be possible to replicate this in GMod and possibly add other types of ‘moods’.

Just an interesting topic :stuck_out_tongue:

You can only make your own SNPCS then, else its just a flag thing!

it would come in handy,nice :smiley:
you could perhaps try making a SNPC
with the anims rigged so its a friendly combine.
(i mean,it doesnt chase you to death.)

Are Metropolices neutral (relastionship D_NU) in trainstation maps? I mean than then hardly use their stunstick, just shove if you get too close.

No, it’s a global flag set in the map. “Gordon pre-criminal” or something like that. Same way the antlions get set to be friendly in Nova Prospekt et al.

Hmm… It’d be awesome if someone made an SNPC that started off Friendly/Neutral but if you did anything like shoot a gun at it, it would immediately become hostile. And maybe if you did this around some of his friends, they would become hostile as well. But moderate things like throwing a can at them shoving them would either get some kind of remark or they would shove you back.

My AI addon changes the npcs attitude toward you if you shoot it.


I thought you meant “moods”, like the Turk in the Terminator.