NPC Movement

Is there a way to have NPCs walk continuously around a set course or a circle? All the NPC movement additions to the in-game menu that I have tried only make an NPC walk from one place to another and stop. I would just like them to walk around buildings or walk a course on the sidewalks of Big City and other maps and when they get back to the beginning start over.

I’m pretty sure there’s an addon that does this.
Try to search for it on

Thanks for the reply Wirexia, but if you would have read my post more carefully you would have noticed that I said that I stated that I have tried the “NPC additions to the in-game menu”, but I’ll admit the meaning isn’t as clear as it could be. The main addon for this is an add-on called “NPC Control”. You can lay down multiple points to which the NPC will walk but you can’t comeback and connect the last point with the starting point. The NPC will just stop. Unless there is some feature in that add-on that I failed to notice or I am not using it correctly.

I am no expert, but maybe the npc walk/run around paths are called nodes. And this almost sounds like a map coding thing, where as I have not seen a tool that allows you to set paths, save them, reuse them for multiple npcs and change the paths from being loopable or endable.

I think the default GM build map has set npc paths based on when the map was made, because without enemy npc’s the role place citizens seem to constantly walk around the grass, but do not seem to walk in and out of the brick walled areas, or up the stairs. The exception seems to be if there are enemy npcs that provoke them.

Where as other maps, the npc’s will just stand there unless provoked by enemies or the player. So this could be a mapping related thing, otherwise a tool that allows you further custom path options in GM has not been visible to me.

There’s a utility in my Half-Life: Renaissance addon that allows you to do just that:

Thanks npx190 and Silverlan for your replies. I too, like you npx, have thought that it would require some kind of coding or scripting which I do not know as yet how to, if I ever will.

Silverlan, I will try your utility; thanks for the pointing me to it.