NPC Mover Tool

I recently formatted without keeping my tools from my previous GMod. All the NPC mover tools are ok but I had one with waypoints that you could set then right click to make the npc walk or run those way points. And for the life of me I can’t find it. I sincerely apologize for posting this in the wrong spot if it is. Just figured someone here has to know and can help me quickly. Thanks for any help.

I too am looking for that tool, from what I can remember, one tool allowed you to select and deselect NPC’s, and the other allowed you to make a path and have them run or walk through it.

I really wish I could remember what it was called.

hello, guys. recently my browser always time-outs when I go to garry’s but is there a tool that makes an NPC follow some path (if you ever have played warcraft 3, you know what happens when you hold shift and press right click all over the map, right?). like it follows some things that is spawned by the tool. <---- this idea is not very good but I am no lua coder and the only way I have done that is in the map editor of warcraft 3. so, anyone who know’s that stool?

sorry for any bumps

Its called NPC Mover 2, it got deleted off of months ago though.