Npc not move to wall

Hi there! I making SNPC addon on default gmod ai base (ENT.Base = “base_ai” ENT.Type = “ai”) and all works fine, but i have one problem: when npc’s target stay near any wall, npc don’t want move to it and just stuck. If target take a few steps away from the wall npc start move to his target. I hope that this bug can be fixed, because i don’t want use vj base (this base have it’s own problems). Any ideas why it can happen? He just move to enemy with self:SetSchedule(SCHED_CHASE_ENEMY)

After test i discovered, that npc stuck only if he on big distance from target, but if he close to target (~7 meters) all normal.

I haven’t worked too much with NPCs, but could it have to do with your map?

It happen only with my npc. I played on bigcity, and other npc work normal.