NPC not showing up in-game.

Hello Facepunchers,

I am trying to learn LUA, so i started with something simple. The NPC’s.

Problem is, the NPC won’t show up in-game. (under “NPC’s”)

I’m using a code in lua/autorun, and a custom model.

And my wondering is, how do i fix this?

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// Cobb (first post, i know…)

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Forget it, i missed a small fail, fixed now…

Lock/delete this thread please :slight_smile:

Well its probably too late but NPC’s are the hardest things to get right and work well. If you can get them right then good job, you are doing better than me.

Also, I don’t think you should sign your posts, that tends to annoy some facepunchers.

Pretty much, what he said.
Also, if anyone came into this thread wondering why an SNPC doesn’t draw, you can’t use clientside lua with SNPCs. Rather sucks.