NPC Opposition Squads

If you’d like to continue following the creation and improvement of any of my addons, PM me.

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So JackSents is permadead?

Well he won’t keep only one alive forever.

Jack where is your weapons I reinstall my gmod and I cant find your Jacksent :frowning:

Gone. They caused lag and had too may flaws.

I aim to release individual parts of the old pack, one piece at a time, perfecting each piece as I go. Right now I’m trying to make the opsquads the best they can be.

  1. need to make the copters not collide with the strider when they spawn
  2. need to make it so you can call headcrab pods on non-horizontal surfaces and they’ll still hit properly

Sir…you just created a revolution in advanced NPC’s.

Good to know.

does the strider walk around too? I’d love to finally have a “working” one.

Way too awesome to be described with words.


marl, robbie, sti, mtl, aryanpride, moe, mao, pie

You sir have made my day, now time for some npc wars.

Thanks… got tired of them shooting each other causing friendly fire deaths… now hopefully I or some one can script gmod to where people can set combine difficulty since garry isn’t going to it seems :\

Well damn Jack, I still remember how awesome your pack was when I beta’d it.
There anyway to get these NPC’s to use your weapons without all of those pesky giveweapon commands?

In my experience screwing around with (and getting raped by) the Big Combine, yes, the Strider will walk around. The Strider will also occasionally stab things with one of its forelegs like you see in the campaign.

I’ve actually been followed a significant and alarming distance by the Strider, but then again I have the NPC AI addon mentioned above, which you all should have by now. It makes the NPCs better at tracking, following and attacking targets. The people(person) who made it are(is) (a) genius(es).

A bug with the Strider currently is that it will sometimes attempt to shoot you with its warspace cannon, but it will fail. Like it will charge, stop, charge, stop, charge, stop then give up. I dunno what its problem is. Every so often though it will get off a shot, and of course it will blast you to pieces through whatever cover you’re using.

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I’m not really offering support for my old pack, but you could use the console combined with copy&paste to give weapons more quickly. Look at an NPC, console “ent_fire !picker giveweapon name

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Have any of you noticed significant lag when these groups are in operation?

I mean more so than if you had just spawned the same number and type of NPCs.

Someone mentioned it on the comment section and if this is the case I need to work on optimizing the behavioral modification timers to run at less cost.

I’m liking the variations of NPCs in this pack, Keep up the good work Jack!

The humans love to give me ammo.

I need to stagger the times when each individual gets his ammo-giving ability “turned on” so it doesn’t seem like they all have an insatiable ammo-giving fetish once they spawn. Lol.

Well damn Jack, you’ve only gone and shown why Lua is awesome.

Anyone know how to use Source Recorder?

I did record, then startmovie, then playdemo etc, and it put an MP4 file in my garrysmod directory, which is all well and good, but the video is completely black.

Length is good, sound works fine, picture is black. Wtf.

nice mod