NPC Option mod. Health, Damage and more.

I made a mod from this request But I made it slightly more advanced.

In this mod there is loads of options to change settings for each and every NPC. Change the melee damage. Change the hitbox Damage (change how much damage is given to each part of a hitbox). Then comes all the weapons. You can change the amount of ammo for a weapon (untested), change the power of a weapon - How much damage to an NPC - How much damage to a player.

All in all it’s a good mod for if your making a movie and want a bunch of civilians to have loads of health. Or if you want to get killed by one punch from a combine soldier. It’s up to you.


In this new update it has a reset button for every command. So if you fuck up and didn’t know what the default setting was, hit the Rest button under it!

Have fun.

(It’s fun setting fast headcrabs melee to more than 100, then run for your life!)
Version 2


Version 1

So you can change NPC Health too? Nice!

Lua King’d!

Nice! Extra points for the 800x600 res. Yaaahbooosuckkks. runs hides :smiley:

Wow, love it man, i like making zombies into headshot only mode. Thanks man!


Nice job, I will be working with this when I decide to play god once in a while hehe.

Thanks for the good support. Has anyone found any bugs yet?

Yeah i’m an admin on my dedicated server but it still tells me that i have to be the server operator to change the commands in the console.

Are you kidding me…? This is just… Useless…

Firstly you just put the console command into a menu, which half of them doesn’t even works.

All the part with the HITBOXES doesn’t works, you just used sk_npc_head and stuff like this WHICH DOES NOT WORK.

Seriously did you even check and test it before releasing?
If it was actually working it would be nice, but half of it isn’t working, and the other half is a copy paste from other NPC mods.

Yeah and… “NCP Control” panel in the menu ? NCP? I don’t know what NCPs are.

I didn’t copy anyone from this. What i did is use the skill.txt found in HL2 with all commands in it for source. Okay i admit, some don’t work. But I’m not going to check every single one in a huge list.

You can ask this guy, in the making of this i was constantly updating him with info and giving him small betas for him to work with so it suits him (the requester).

No i did not take this mod or any other part of it from anywhere else. All the work is done via copy paste a small line

Panel:AddControl(“Slider”, {Label = “”, Command = “”, Min = “1”, Max = “1000”, Type = “Integer”})

I copied and pasted that a heck of a lot of times. Just to save time. Everything else was put in by my keyboard and fingers working.

I bet there are a few mods out there that have the same command here and there. But from what i know. There is non with every single one listed in a menu.

Please tell me how you think I’m stealing other work from other people when I haven’t even looked at their code, nor is it in the exact order or even close (from what i know off to other scripts).

I don’t mind you coming in saying it’s shit because a lot of them wont work. But I was sad to see at least a list of some codes that don’t work. Okay, you said that some in the Hit boxes menu don’t work. I’ll have a look at it and see what i can do. Thanks.

Yet don’t forget, this was a request by some one. I worked around what he wanted. Then added a few things to make it more user friendly and use full for other people. Which it did and has.

If you give me a rough list of what bugs you find. Then tell me.



Non-player character = NPC

If you look at the top left of the Q menu, it has a tab called “NPCs” and when you hover your mouse ontop of it, it says “non player character” in GMod. When you click on that tab. A list of NPCs like headcrabs, combine, Alyx, Barney (you will know most if you played atleast HL).


Alot in there is not useless. I for one had alot of fun with it and so did a few others that beta tested it. I bet it’s use full for when a person wants some NPCs to have more health for a video in a fight scene. Or use full to play around with people on a server with a fast headcrab with loads of melee damage and health(Mega W.T.F replys).

yeah, AKA console command in a menu, which is a copy pasta from all other useless mods like this one.

And yeah half of it isn’t working. because you just taken sk_* from console and thought “yeah it will work”



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Look, sure it is a slider menu for console commands, but it is useful for the 99% of GMod users who didn’t know about the sk_ commands. Give this guy a break, he just made something for himself and thought others would like it. (and by the first few posts, it seemed he was right) What gives you the divine right to determine if this sucks simply because you, personally, don’t have a use for it.

Very good work, we need more people like you putting out useful utilities for GMod.

Reported directly to TH89 by I.

Nice job by the way.

(:downs: Nevermind the question.)

Downloaded! It looks so awesome, I can’t wait to make a ‘Boss’ of my very own :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

what are the npc options by the way?

I’m not going to make a huge list of every single command in the menu (at least not right now). It has controls for damage from a player to an NPC and vise versa. You can change an NPCs max health. Eg, set a zombies health to 1000, then when you next spawn a zombie, it will have 1000 health, which will mean it will take alot of damage to take down. It also contains a menu to change what you get from a health/suit charger so instead of getting 25 health from a health kit, make it 100 and you’ll be given 100 health. Set it to 90, be given 90 health when you use a health kit. Pretty simple.

This is only a few bits of what the full mod has. Take a look at the pictures to get some more information. Or try it out to see the full options for it.

This looks freakin’ shweet! But I think I’ll wait until you fix it up a bit.

How dare you not make green blue and red and yellow npc teams! Pretty good not counting that but could you add npc teams?

This is very convenient. I will be using this for my slaughters. Lua King’d

Needs more reset button.