NPC Pack

I’m looking for an NPC pack with HL2, Ep1, Ep2 NPCs in it. What do you recommend?

Garry’s Mod comes with HL2 NPCs by default.
There weren’t any new NPCs in Ep1 except for the zombine. (That’s in Gmod too)
and the Antlion workers from Ep2 are also in Gmod.

Go get EP1 and EP2 for new npcs.

I recommend you buy the games.

Dowload the Extra NPC Pack on
Includes Strider, Sniper, some combines.

Striders, Claw Scanners, Combines (Shotgunners, Snipers, Etc) are a few NPCs not with Gmod…

I suppose I should have told you I have them…

Heres one I found that actually works.

And the Stalker model fix (the default model has fucked up legs)

Ya know, i cant get that extra NPC pack to friggin work!!!


can anyone help me out PLZ!!

If you have the games, they should automatically appear.

Thanks for the help, guys.

There is a mod on called the “Usefull NPCs Mod” that contains various and improved NPCs. It does use other peoples’ mods without credit for some, so I’m not sure of its reliability or legality.

No Results.
I used to know of a NPC pack called “NPC Pack!!!” that had HL1 NPCs and HL2 Npcs as well as all resources.

I think he means this.