NPC Passengers

I’ve been searching for a while and came up with nothing on the subject.
So, is it possible to have NPC passengers? I mean, episode 2 did it with Alyx and I would assume she behaves somewhat like a squad NPC; so it has to be possible with non-Alyx NPCs, right?
If this has been done or discussed before, please link me as I’m interested in the idea.

Alyx behaves nothing like rebel NPCs. She has quite different AI.

Good idea for a function tho , but not sure if they would be able to drive without ep2 :S

Not really saying for them to drive. Just something that would make friendly NPCs (preferably squad members) see if the player is in a vehicle or entity, how many extra seats that vehicle or entity has and where they are, and to sit in them. And of course when the player gets out they do as well.

I meant that she follows you, and knows when you’re in the car to get in with you and vice versa.

So, is it doable?

Well, it seems like it would be possible, but I guess it’s not.