Npc path

Is it possible to make a path where the npc’s will run on a already made map?

Yup, check out HL2 Renissance.

Nodegraph This is used to set AI navigation. To set this up on a already made map you would need a decompiler VMEX Decompile the map then add your nodegraphs in. Some maps are protected from decompiling, so it may not work.

Don’t do this, decompiling the map fucks up brushwork and can cause errors when trying to recompile. Your best bet would to either ask the creator of the map to add nodes or for them to give you the vmf to do so yourself.

To use the Map_edit command and place nodes inside the map manually. Though the map file will differ than other versions of the map, so rename the .bsp file and type buildingcubemaps in console before messing with it.

well. it seems a bit hard and i dont understand all of it. do i have to open in hammer? i have just been editing maps in counter strike 1,6. not source maps. I wrote map_edit (map name) and when it was finnished loading it transfered me back to the menu again

Counter strike 1.6?

:ohdear: I don’t know anything about mapping in the goldsrc engine.

i mean i just got experience by mapping in cs 1,6. I have never been doing it in source maps so i need some help. what do i do?

Watch some tutorials on Source mapping, Firegod’s and Mine :smile: