NPC Pedestrian

I am looking for an SNPC that walks around the map like a pedestrian, maybe using nodes? It would be nice to have it change paths once in a while as well. Maybe also walk in small groups? I’m not sure how difficult it would be to make such an SNPC but I would really appreciate that. Thanks.

I can edit a map so npcs walk around the map on a certain route but not for free.

You’re joking, right?

Anyways, OP, excuse the bump, but depending on the map, it may be noded for pedestrians. See, for example, City 17 maps. However, the only problem is that it requires scripted sequences in the map to get the citizen to walk around. If you just want to create a group of walking citizens, that might change paths, that may be different. In fact, if you have an NPC control, tool, it’s possible to get multiple citizens to walk through waypoints.

Interesting idea, but I’d wait for someone with better knowledge of this than I do.

I hired a lua scripter to work on this. we’ll see how this turns out.