NPC Prop Hate

This was requested by Zerg_humper for use with CDS or other general NPC wars.

I basically just ripped this very simple script from Onslaught Evolved and it makes all npcs that are spawned hate props.



Nice! It could be useful for epic wars :smiley:

Handy :). Give credit to the author though.


I am the author :smiley:

Very Nice. Got my download.

where does that go?
in game and in file

Uh do the props break like in Onslaught Evolved.If so you have my download.Lua Kings for you.

-snip- is down… please re-upload somewhere else…

Yes! I’ve been wanting something like this since Gmod 9! Have a cookie, and a lua king! Whoot! Thanks alot conman!

No! Garry’s is down! No!


That’s what CDS is for. CDS means Combat Damage Sytems, it doesn’t have the neat “props turn black effect” that lets you know they’re damaged (like in Onslaught) but it does allow all props to be destroyed! This script is the perfect companion for CDS because before NPCs would ignore your forts or death machines, but now they can fight back!

Not only is down, the screenshots aren’t working.

The screen is from :confused:

I’ll reupload to filefront then.;10438428;/fileinfo.html


Put the lua file in garrysmod/garrysmod/lua/autorun/server

Just a simple question here: Is it easy to uninstall ?

I installed it, then uninstalled it just to test. Yes it is easy, just delete or move the file and it will be uninstalled.

But why would you want that? :tizzy: <— (my favorite smiley!) Thanks for an excuse to use it!

Oh. I thought you used imageshack. My bad.

All prop_physics? How about prop_static (for some reason)? If I were to play about in a jeep, would NPCs attack the jeep regardless of if I was in it?

Awesome! But could you pleaaase make a stool version, so when you click on a prop, every npc will hate that prop, instead of every prop? Because it’s annoying when you build a cool fort and then spawn some nps’s to fight against you in it they will automatically attack your fort and not you.

This may seem a bit noobish but:
Where do you put the init.lua?

Or it makes all wooden props targets, that way they’d at least look smart enough to attack stuff that can be broken.

Is there a console command to enable/disable it?


Okay, I looked in the code and didn’t see a command. Is it possible that one could be added?