NPC Question

In GMod, when an NPC dies, it simply slumps to the ground regardless of how it died, or how much force was applied to it on death

In HL2, when an NPC is killed, its corpse reacts realistically to where it was shot and how much force the weapon had.

Why doesn’t Garry’s Mod not have this feature? And would it be possible to re-implement it?

add it to the list

I didn’t even notice this O.O I really hope this gets implemented soon!

Never noticed this. :suicide:

Not true, actually.
Shoot at an NPC with a crossbow fairly near to the wall and they will go flying into it, with the bolt stuck in them.

But yeah, for other weapons this is true. In HL2 if you shot someone in the stomach with the shotgun they like freak their shit and fly backwards torso first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or when you throw an explosive barrel at a cop in HL2, they will go flying.

that’s usually what happens when you throw an explosive barrel at someone…

I remember I saw another thread with someone asking this question. I remember someone replied on there explaining why this happens. There’s a console command that controls how realistic the ragdolls would react. If


is set to 1 I think they will just “slump to the ground” but if it is set to 0 then it should react realistically as it did in HL2 singleplayer. Try this out next time you go into gmod and let me know if this works. I hope I was able to help. :slight_smile:

I actually tested this by firing a rocket at breen’s face, and his body went flying like in hl2, then I set phys_pushscale back to 1, and when I fired a rocket at breen’s face, he just slumped into the ground.

I also tested it with props, I set phys_pushscale to 0 then fired a rocket into an oildrum, and the oildrum didn’t get knocked down to the ground, and when I put phys_pushscale back to 1, I fired a rocket at an oildrum and said oildrum got knocked down to the ground.

I found out that, in GMOD 9, the phys_pushscale value is 5 by default, and that props and npc corpses will fly when fired at with a rpg.

I was wondering that myself. Thanks.