Npc Question

Hi I was thinking of a game mode that would have about 20 players and about 50 npc’s at a time. The npc’s would be attacking the 20 players or however many there are. Well after that thought, came another thought of wouldn’t the server be lagging from 20 players and 50 npc’s? Well of course it would unless you had an high end dedicated server that could take it. Well my question is this, Is there something else other then npc’s or something like it that wouldn’t lag the server so much and yet they would still be attacking the players?

I dont know if this would be the right place to post this. If not please redirect me to the proper place. Thank you

I recall quite a few entities over the years that would smash into you for damage. Packrat made dodgeballs that did so, and… I think the other one was called melon hounds? Check for both.

So many reactions and movements in a server would lag like a bitch, still try spawning turrets?

Making custom NPCs is an option.

Thanks jockmo42 Ill be sure to look it up and see what I find.

meatwad253: How about people spawning gigantic bases?

Drew P. Richard I was thinking to do that as well but I wasn’t to sure about it. Ill give it a try and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion.

Please post questions in the Questions subforum. There’s a link in the rules sticky which you should have read anyway.

Let me clarify what I meant as well: Making completely custom AI, it’s been done before.

Thanks grease.

Yea drew, I have heard of it but i was wondering if it would still lag with all of them on. But ill try it and see what happens hopefully it wont.

Well, it really won’t lag if you do it properly. Take a look at DarklandRPG’s NPCs, they’re really neat. You can find the release thread somewhere on Facepunch.

Alright I will look for it and see if my coder can do something like this. Hopefully he can do it right.

He’ll have to be pretty good.

Are you a lua coder?


Oh are you busy with things to do?

Yea, I don’t have time.

I see, Well thanks for all of the help Drew.