NPC/Ragdoll bug

When the NPC is killed, it’s ragdoll turns into a fixed position(can’t move it,it’s not even a ragdoll)or t-pose.Anybody know any solutions?

What NPC is it?

If it is an addon, the creator of this addon have screwed it up. Ask him/her to fix it.
If it is normal models you get with Source, I stand clueless.

The addons are Darkelfa’s CT players and NPCs,Tactical CT NPCs and the Bin Laden SNPC.

Does it only happen with them, or with other models?

Just Them

Then, as stated before, the creator of those models have made errors while making them. There is no fix to this, as far as I know, except contacting the creator and ask him/her to remake.

They actually used to “ragdollize” before i installed some addon that did this though i don’t remember the addon.

Just clean your addon folder from all addons :smiley: