NPC Ragdoll Force

I would like to know some information or possible help on something that’s bothering me with the NPCs in the game. Basically, any NPC that I kill will merely flop down on the ground despite the power and force of the weapon used. Magnums, shotguns, and any explosive will not cause force to the NPCs, and their ragdolls will just drop upon death. This really gets irritating when I place several explosives around NPCs and they aren’t sent flying or are forced anywhere, but just drop dead in their place.

So I would like to know if there’s a console command or an option that enables the default force of the NPCs when they are killed with weapons that have pushback. I’ve reinstalled the game several times, thinking that perhaps it’s probably one of the mods I’m using (however, same effects with a clean game), but I can only conclude that it’s an update that left the NPCs this way.

Thank you.

The NPCs always had effects when I killed them IIRC. Was it changed?

phys_pushscale 1000, but that makes everything take more force.
So a magnum shot will send it flying, and you can change the 1000 to whatever to send it further. Default is 1.
Change it to -1000 for laughs :v:

Well, if I have to do it manually every time, then that’s fine I guess. Thank you.

Yes, similar outcomes happen to me aswell. I recall agter killing Kleiner with the magnum, he flies back a few feet, but now he flops down like you described. Probably just a glitch in the Martix.

Actually, this is one of a few anomalies I’ve encountered recently. Other than the pushscale of the ragdolls being off, I’ve noticed that some of the default weapons have missing sounds, and also that the dismemberment mod from CMasta gets several strange errors as well.

I really can only assume it’s an update that’s causing this.