NPC Ragdolls and Mount. Turrets limit?

My first problem is that whenever I’m in multiplayer and I kill a NPC, it doesn’t become a ragdoll.
I have “Keep Corpses” ticked on, but it seems that it doesn’t have an effect on anything.

This is a problem because I want to get NPC Battle Cleanup to work in multiplayer, me and my friend are planning a zombie scenario and don’t want GM to crash because of the ragdolls.

Secondly, I have the “Mountable Turret” tool installed, but (again in MP) whenever I’m to spawn one, it says “Mountable Turret limit reached!” I have not found a console command to modify this limit.

My 2 problems, hope you can help.

For the first one, I think that is some add-on interfering with the system. Not totally sure though.

Have you installed any add-ons that could be causing it?

is this a LAN or a server? and are you admin/owner in the server, if it is a server?

I select a map and choose “Play Multiplayer” The I give the IP to my friend and he comes.

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