Npc rappel?

I have applied this
Keyvalue = { “waitingtorappel”, “1” } -Also tried changing 1 to true
on metropolice.
I have stuffs on the npc list.
Everythings were fine but whenever I click on them, I get error signs!!!

I have no custom metrocop skins or models. Even though there was one, the name of the file would be different so that it is separated!
Does rappel metrocop uses another model???

What error?

the error sign, i mean the model itself

So not a console error?

Yes!!! I get no blue or yellow stuffs on the right top of the screen
All I did was setting the keyvalue of waitingtorappel to true

Could you just explain you problem? What are you trying to do here?

I tried to make npc to rappel.-metrocop and soldiers
What I did was writing this down:Keyvalue = { “waitingtorappel”, “1” } Once the lua spawned bunches or error signs. -(which indicates that it was missing models)
I thought this was caused by spawn function-(e.g.-npc_copssquad)
so I tried out new stuffs by moving this keyvalue from spawn function init.ini to autorun
Now I can get no spawn button at all…(by spawning blue lua error on the screeny instead)

Just show full code…

local Category = “Humans + Resistance”

local NPC = { Name = “what”,
Class = “npc_combine_s”,
KeyValues = { waitingtorappel = true }
KeyValues = { Numgrenades = “3” },
Category = Category }

list.Set( “NPC”, “NPC.Class”, NPC)

You still need to trigger the rappel keyvalue(just speaking from hammer experience)

console will do that for me—Act_rappel_loop

local Category = “Humans + Resistance”

local NPC = { Name = “what”,
Class = “npc_combine_s”,
KeyValues = { Numgrenades = “3”, waitingtorappel = true }, --merged both keyvalues otherwise the second one would override the first.
Category = Category }

list.Set( “NPC”, “NPC.Class”, NPC)
try this.