NPC Request: Mewtwo

I was searching through the forums and found a number of Lucario NPCs, and they are pretty fun to play with. Along with the Fox McCloud NPC, which is a crack shot with an AR2 and Rocket Launcher.

i thought the only thing that would round out this team would be Mewtwo.

the one found in this upload, looks decent, if it worked. But I can’t get it to work. Plus i don’t think it is an NPC anyway.

For some reason my nostalgia set in and I just had to ask if anyone would be able to fulfill my request.

If you could make a player model as well that would be great, but if you only have time for one then just the NPC.

thanks for your reading and consideration.

not a bad idea. but i’m totally clueless on how to do it.

well here are some reference photos, I will add more, i leave them at their source sites because i don’t wish to be accused of theft.

Woah, its been awhile since ive been on the site. Computer troubles and finals. I was wondering if there is anyone up to taking the task of a Mewtwo NPC

Um… Does it have all the correct joints and stuff? Because if it does, I can make an NPC.

If you’re thinking about using the $includemodel approach, it’s not happening. I think the mesh is going to need an entirely new skeleton.

Damn, then I can’t do it.

The only solution I can think of is do the same as the Lucario NPC, rig it to valves skeleton but it looks HORRIBLE like that…

Can anyone decomplie the mewtwo model? As that would be very helpful. I have also been wondering how this could be done and I would much rather have a go at making custom animations (if I can ever figure out how to animate) so that it acts more like the SSB:Melee Mewtwo (as in hovery movement and floaty weapons ^^).

Congrats dude for bumping a thread from last month. The thread died almost as soon as it started.

Huh, I didn’t notice the date, nm. I still would like a decompiled Mewtwo if anyone can do it :smiley: