Npc sight

How i can increace npc sight distance? I sad about npc’s eyes. Becouse he always see me not more than 1500 (points of something) its stupid.

i think no one from this forum dont now how to make it?

Why are you sad about eyes?

This is when a translator for retards comes in handy…

"How can I increase how far NPC’s can see? I don’t like the default distance, because they cannot see me more than the default 1500 units, it’s stupid."

Have fun.

Besides, this should be in Newbie Questions.

I bet he just wants this to build another fort and have better NPC battles with CSS realistic weapons. I don’t see motivation here to help.

Yeah, give us one reason why any of us should do this.

just find the hook or function if there is one and set it way higher.

Probably they were never made for you being 1500m away!


He not see you as not made for seeing you that far away, they need glasses.

why not?> you are helpfull people!

enyone of you know where i can find this function? i’am good at programming but i didnt found it!


Yes you are true in all!!
But it isn’t translation with google or something else, it is my stupid english…simply, i am russian…

I might be very wrong but there is no built-in way to do this that I know of, you would have to make your own AI.

Ahah talk some more, you’re funny

Why did people rate me dumb? none of you understood what he said, I just re-wrote what he was meant to say, try being helpful on here and you get a clusterfuck of boxes o.0

3 Day delay sorry, but cant you just set the keyvalue of “Long Range” on spawned npcs to true like what you do with “set” npcs?

Because you called him a retard. Not having english as your first language doesn’t make you a retard.

Nowhere in that OP did he say English wasn’t his first language
He mentioned he was Russian later on in the thread

Yes, but it was very obvious. One who’s been using Facepunch as long as you should have learnt when to spot translator use or poorly translated english over general bad grammar and spelling.