NPC skins not working

I installed some skins for my citizens and Resistance members, however only refugee skins work. Citizen clothing works, but not the faces, and Resistance members don’t change at all. Is this normal with Gmod 13?

As an update/bump, I checked my addons and cleared any that might interfere with my skins, yet nothing happened.

This could be multiple issues, how did you download the skins? The fact that some of your skins work, while for instance on your citizens you have clothing but not faces, sounds like an incomplete pack to me. The skins work, they are just not all present.

I’m using FakeFactory’s texture replacements. The skins are very much present, as seen here.

However, when I launch the game…

You can see the different clothing skins on citizens, but rebels are unchanged. The refugees on the left work properly.

Holy balls that’s a lot of texture files, well that doesn’t really help. It’s a start. In that folder alone, only 23 of those textures apply to your game, because in the hl2 materials and gmod GCF files there are only 23 files present in that folder. So of ALL of those files in that folder, you only need 23 of them. For the characters that are missing textures, they are probably in a different group file, etc. Are there multiple parts to that pack? Are you required to move some of those textures somewhere else?

Yeah, sorry - I have the TnB roleplay model pack installed. I never thought to just wipe my garrysmod folder, actually. The Fakefactory pack came clean in one large .rar.

Conflicting texture packs…? Generally this causes black/purple texture errors but with all the updates lately and the different addon management, wouldn’t surprise me.

Yeah probably TNB, their “original” donator models use most of Barne’s citizen textures and a huge amount of fakefactory stuff, I wouldn’t be surprised if they forgot to at least change file paths :v:

This is getting irritating. I’ve disabled all my addons + removed legacy addons, wiped my Garrysmod folder and did a clean re-install of the Fakefactory pack and the face skins still don’t work.