NPC solidity

I had a fun idea in a server once, the admin forgot to disable NPCs, so I hid in a corner and loaded a truck with combine ready to open fire, everyone was god moded, so it was all a bit of fun.

I drove the truck, but alas, there was no gunfight! I checked the truck to see that it was empty. I retraced my steps back to where I spawned them, and saw them standing around. Unfortunatley, the combine had to be put down.

Later, I was running through a map, fighting enemies as you do, and ran across a bridge in hopes my comrades in rebellion would follow, but they did not cross the bridge, and were killed by hunters.

This got me wondering, is it possible to make it so NPCs recognise props as something they can stand on, and could they not fall off a moving prop? It would be very useful in machinima, and would be great for mucking around.

I really, really doubt it. The AI is hard-coded to only follow points, whether they be navigation points, a player, or an enemy. Sure, they can have special points that can make them jump onto objects, or other actions, but adding them in real time would probably be fairly difficult if not impossible. Making them recognize props would probably require recoding the AI. I wouldn’t expect to see it happen anytime soon.

I think the option to have an individual NPCs AI disabled and have them ragdolled via toolgun would be nice, you could select a bunch on NPCs, then press a numpad key to ragdoll them, drive in, unragdoll them and finally open the door.